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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 8, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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that's all the time we have left. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. news continues. greta is next. >> greta: tonight, is minnesota number 20? so far, 19 states are suing the federal government over health care. minnesota governor tim pawlenty wants to join that group. he good evening governor. i've seen a copy of this letter that your state attorney general has written you this three-page letter which she says she is not going to be joining in fact she is going to write an amicus brief on the other side of the issue. so now what? >> now what is we specifically asked her to i go me permission to sue on my own and she has done that going to file a brief in my capacity as none. that's what we are reviewing now. >> greta: when would you expect to if you are going to latch on to the florida suit or file your own. when would you expect that to
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happen? >> soon. this lawsuit is going to take a while so we don't have to do it immediately. we'll be making decisions and take being -- and taking acts in the next week or two. she unfortunately, decided not to sue on behalf of the state of minnesota. she is going to side with the president on this. i'm going to take the other side. at least she gave me the authority and i needed that unminnesota law to initiate my own action. >> greta: it is interesting. she laid out the legal reasoning for why she wasn't going to join. if you carefully read she does sort of slap the other side. she says in this letter, 7 minutes after president obama signed the first bill into law, march 23rd, 201012 republican attorney generals go to file. she put that seven minutes in to slap the other side that's a jab. is there some sort of lingering hostility between the two of you or the concept
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of you going to court? >> no, there's not hostility between the two of us. she just has a legal and political view. if there's 15 or more attorneys generals across the state who say there is merit to this claim. law professors said this lawsuit has merit. of course it depends on how the courts rule. we believe this has a meritorious basis so we are going to bring it forward. >> greta: she does say the filing is partisan. she thinks it is political. you may not think it is political but she does on page three of her letter. she has given you the green light to file. what about in lawsuit, why are you joining it? even if you don't join and even if the attorney generals who have are filed win you still have the benefit of their victory, should they win. >> i think this is such an
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important issue, it guess to the heart and the cornerstone of one of the founding principles of this country. there is supposed to be limited federal government, reserve certain powers to the states and us as citizens. enough the federal government going so far as to say we order you, we direct you american citizens to buy a good or service this case, health care. if you don't we are going to fine. that's a dramatic overreach by our federal government. another example of them reaching further and further into our lives. i think it is incumbent upon all of us citizens, governors toize up and say we've had enough and fighting back. knock it off. if that -- i'm part of a movement that says enough is enough we are fighting back. >> greta: i'm not so bold as to guess now is going to be decided. i've often times gone into the courtroom and thought a judge would rule a particular way and been as i walked out.
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it doesn't sort of escape me that the people who filed are republicans with the sole exception of the attorney general in louisiana. is he the only democrat who has joined this? >> as far as i know. of course there is probably some political overtones. also philosophical. we have a group of people who view the federal government should have a limited role that's what the courts are for to hash out the differences so let's get it on. >> greta: do you expect the attorneys general in florida who have filed like governor of arizona going by herself or do you expect to ask for expedited consideration to move this? this is the kind of proceedings that could be decided quickly after everyone is briefed or it could linger from now until eternity if it gets caught in the court system. >> in legal terms it is called a declaratory judgment. the facts aren't in dispute we
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don't have to gather up facts and take discovery are do a bunch of investigation. pretty plain, simple and clear to everyone. the statute that passed the obama care is clear all the court has to do is reef the brief and make a legal decision. it should be handled quickly. which ever way it guess there will likely be appeals that will add to the time. i'm concerned about the financial aspects of this. our country is going broke. we have to get to the point where there's enough in the country who realize that and stay some the spending. this bill going to spend more money than we have to pay. it is going to make our deficit worse. we have to draw the line in the sand and say no more. >> greta: you are the tease for a segment we are going to do in which we are going to talk about that the director of the cbo had something to say about our unsustainable debt. governor thank you, we'll be watching to see when you make it number 20, thank you sir.
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>> thank you greta. >> greta: michigan attorney general mike cox is locking horns with his state's governor, jennifer home. he is suing the federal government and the governor is opposing him. earlier attorney general cox went on the record. nice to see you sir. >> how are you greta? >> greta: i'm well. you are having this heated dispute with governor granholm governor of michigan. now you have at least a law professor on your side that you are encouraging the media talk to. who is the law professor and what is he saying? >> professor randy barnett from your old soon, town who is saying this is a very strong lawsuit. that -- your old school, georgetown. who is saying this is very strong that the ability for congress to say you must buy a
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product. the commerce clause has always been about regulating economic activity. it has never been about telling people they have to buy a private product if they don't they get fined into intuitively americans understand that not only is it unconstitutional, but it is unfair and unamerican. >> greta: i don't know if you are going to win or loss. one thing is plain this is not going to be an expensive lawsuit. it is done only on briefs. one attorney general from one of the states is going to write this. everyone else is on -- is going to sign on and it is not going to take an enormous amount of time. giving some idea before the law is implemented in full whether this is constitutional or not. >> you are right. there is now 18 of us in the northern district florida, we are pooling our resources this is going to be about looking
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at the language of the statute that was passed last week. and say, does this pass constitutional muster? there won't be need for any factual hearings it is all about what the statute says and whether that is permissible under the commerce clause or article 1 of the constitution? i think it is a very defined fight. i think we'll get to the supreme court. i think justice kennedy will make the different. and i think ultimately he is gonna say that congress can regulate producers and people who go in the marketplace to sell things. but they can't tell a would be buyer you have to buy something. and i think it is something that i've seen on your show, certainly have heard it. i think a good way to approach this, when president bush was president and there was a republican congress if the house and senate the president signed a bill saying every american, as part of being an american has to buy a 38
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special, people would be outraged and say how could we do this? how can government tell a regular citizen to do this? this suit is really no different. here we're tell -- the congress is telling citizen if you don't buy in product from a private company, we are going to come after you and fine you. >> greta: the two of you must be locking horns. she has volunteered or made some contact with attorney general wholer to help the federal government -- attorney general holder to help the federal government. what is your relationship like? have you spoken to her? is this a friendly disagreement or are you at each other's threats? >> i don't know we are at each other's threats. -- other's throats. in michigan i've been a crusadeer going after big
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insurance companies for abuses of consumers. here the case is clearly, you know between the governor and i, as you know she is the former attorney general with my immediate predecessor. we view this differently from our approach to constitutional law. for me, and for the lawyers i'm joined me, it is pretty clear that this is a dramatic reach, dramatic overstep compared to what congress has done before. >> greta: now, you are running for governor in a highly contested race. you are about to hop on the tea party express bus in michigan. why are you doing that? >> they asked me to come along and talk about the lawsuit. i'm not going there as a politician. i'm going there as the attorney general and talking about protecting people's liberties and protecting people from this gross
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intrusion by congress. >> greta: are you riding the bus? >> no, but i will be meeting them at different stops all across michigan. i have to tell you, it is isn't really a partisan venture because everywhere i go now, i go in a drugstore or gas station to get a diet coke and a twix bar people come up and tell me i'm a democrat and i'm afraid of this. i'm afraid of what government is doing in grabbing -- infringing on our freedoms. i welcome the chance to talk to the tea party folks, because they're concerned about the drift that we have in our form of government. they are concerned about a federal government that is reaching in and trying to take the place of states. they are concerned about the idea of individual liberties. there was a time, i think that time is coming back, where republicans and democrats shared that view that we
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should be careful about overly intrusive federal government. >> greta: we'll be watching this case closely. we are going to learn a lot about the commerce clause in the next few weeks and months to come. nice to see you. i hope you come back as this lawsuit proceeds. >> absolutely greta. i think it is great what are doing. you are helping people understand the constitutional law. i can't think of a better service. >> greta: i'm trying town stan myself. i'm getting an education as well so we'll see. >> good, thank you have a great night. >> greta: thank you. >> next, president obama just set a new record. what is it? well it is not a good record. former white house press secretary dana perino is next. >> plus, did you hear the news? something big just happened in the tea party movement? governor mike huckabee is minutes away. have now inspired® to create a whole new level of comfort
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get is not the kind of error the president wants to set. according to a new poll the approval rating just hit 43%. the president's disapproval rate something 48%. if you that i is bad, the same poll finds americans opposed to the new health care law by 54-39%. joining us former white house press secretary dana perino. 43%, i don't think happy about that one. the same poll was done march 16th, 17th, it was 46%. this is a downward slide. >> after a big legislative victory would you expect a bounce. fox news the only one that has had a poll with the president around this number. cnn, gallup around 43%. >> greta: rasmussen has him at 47% probably liked that one. >> probably the first time. once you get below 50 it is
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hard to get back up. the key thing is timing. they push and push for a year. they get health care done. by a whisker. very partisan vote. they were expected to have a big victory. they then pivoted off of health care almost immediately they didn't continue the follow through is important you have to go out and explain this. yesterday there was an article in the paper about how many people are calling up their doctors' office lining up at hospitals demanding the free obama care. that doesn't exist. >> greta: one of the problems they have, there's another poll that says health care is not the top issue to voters. 49% say the economy is the most important issue. 21% think health care if the president is doing health care whether it is a good or bad program, everyone is thinking apparently the american people don't care about health care they care about the economy and we are still lingering at 9.7% unemployment rate in spite of the stimulus bill.
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>> communication challenge is they weren't able to convince the american people pushing forward for a health care plan was going to help create more jobs. >> greta:'s what the american people wanted. >> even though they knew the american people wanted to focus on jobs. the communication challenge is to connect health care to jobs. >> greta: there lies the arrogance. american people say we care about jobs you are doing health care. then they get the health care and american people say we don't want health care and they say this is what you are getting. the administration is not listening to american people's priorities. >> not only that the drip, drip coming out increase in taxes how you are not going to use your hsa to pay like were you for the past several years. tax on selling your home. everybody is worried about spending then you have volcker come out yesterday and say we might have to have a value
10:18 pm
added tax which is what they have in europe. this is setting a debate first principles in november. >> greta: what the director of the cbo -- that in a second. here's another interesting poll. the president is going to love his number congress approval rate something 21%. 72% disapprove. what do you make of the fact that crohn's' numbers are profoundly worse than president? >> it makes you wonder who the 21% are who think they are doing a great job. there were two entities with worst approval ratings than president bush, congress and the media. [ talking over each other ] >> people think they are out of touch at each other's throats all the times. polls that are interesting are the ones that say i might not be for congress approving of congress but i like my own member of congress.
10:19 pm
that number is usually higher. polls show those trends are down if you are an incumbent going into the november 2010 mid terps you are probably in a little bit of trouble -- midterms, you are probably in a little bit of trouble. >> greta: i would expect in this instance the white house would have the same number as congress is >> the president's personal approval rating was still above 50% last week in terms of his personal likeability. congress as an entity is kind of hard to like. >> greta: dana, thank you. next, you never want the word unsustainable in an economic report. we have something to tell you and you might want to get a drink during this break. >> from coast-to-coast tea party groups made huge hid lines at the same time. what is going on? governor mike huckabee a minute away.
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you've got to try it,
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>> greta: hold your breath and listen to these ominous words from the head of the cbo. america's fiscal policy is unsustainable. we need to make fundamental changes.
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if we don't fix the problem we will not have financial stability or healthy economic growth. well, other than that, everything is great, right? joining us live liz clay men. if he -- if he were the only one ben bernanke, volcker both talking how grim and two do something soon. how bad is this?/óñ >> it is extraordinarily bad. not under stating the situation. the amount of dealt, the amount of spending that is going on as it compares to what kind of income, refer knews that are coming into this country right now is so swamping. if you were to look at it as a little boat on a tough ocean, tsunami is a little dramatic that boat the income not big get pummeled by rogue waves and it is not sustainable that is true. the question becomes how do we
10:24 pm
we verse that? we are looking at deficits of one trillion a year depending on the year sometimes higher, slightly lower, 2014 looking to bottom out for the next decade. you have to cut the spending. your segment beforehand talking about the disapproval rating of congress, very low anybody on either side of the aisle do they have the stomach to touch the third rail, social security or medicare? not likely. >> greta: it is disheartening, 14 months ago the stimulus bill was passed. many people opposed it, at least people wanted to give it a chance 14 months in unemployment the same. health care program the president and democrats positioned it that it would help economically. then the american people one poll says 65% of all-american people think the health care bill will push us further into the red. even the psychological impact
10:25 pm
that the american people are scared, they are not going to buy, they are not going to produce so it has this vicious spiralling circle downward and don't know how we are going to get out. >> bernanke, perfect example. today suddenly talking about how do we get out of this? it is going to have to be a choice among cutting entitlement spending, social security, other spending such as defense spending, cutting education and then of course there's the question of hiking taxes. we know the bush tax cuts not for everybody the president has said he wouldn't for groups that are not making as much money but they will be sunseted. paul worked for ronald reagan floating this -- paul volcker worked for ronald reagan floating this idea. peter orszag who used to run the congressional budget office now within the obama
10:26 pm
administration saying volcker was speaking on behalf of himself not necessarily the administration. >> greta: if there were a value added tax it is going to hit the middle class. anyone who buys a washing machine this is a tax that strikes anyone who buys anything. that is not going to be a tax that is going to get passed in an election cycle. >> it would affect everybody and nobody is going to want to touch that in congress. when you look at countries that have the value added tack, government got bigger. there are taxes where they bring in the revenue, except you can't be guaranteed that congress will keep its hands off and they won't spend that money and send it right back out. we keep bringing up the ocean analogy as the tide brings in the money it goes back out again. we've got a debt to deficit ratio that's crazy, 63%. >> greta: sthreupls bill
10:27 pm
enacted 14 months -- the stimulus bill enacted 14 months, it was said we wouldn't have this problem. that has not happened. but there is a factor involved. at what point do we make the act -- acknowledgement it is working or not working? the stock market is doing well but that doesn't help anybody who doesn't have a job. >> anybody who saw their 401(k) mess dated is thrilled they passed the brake the stock market is doing well lately. when you talk about the stimulus the administration would argue it saved jobs for teachers, police officers, firefighters. >> that job creation? not march we did see some job creation of 162,000 jobs. where are the millions that were promised. >> greta: but a third of those
10:28 pm
jobs were census workers and they are going to lose their jobs in july. 48,000 of that 160 something were all census workers. >> a lot of government workers and that is temporary. economists saying psychological lay that puts money in people's pockets. they will spend and the economy will takeoff. we are seeing certain indicators that look better marginally in a very small way. americans are getting impatient. they want to see that unemployment rate go down this leads to the question of you hear elmendorf talking about how this unsustainable? why isn't anybody in congress talking about stopping spending? now the administration has put together a commission and the the president has put a bipartisan commission together saying bring me ideas of what would it take to draw down the deficit. we'll wait and see what comes out of that commission. >> greta: liz, thank you. something new call the national tea party federation.
10:29 pm
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>> greta: the tea party movement is going national or at least some of the movement
10:32 pm
is. there's a new group in town the national tea party federation. the ntpf the group says it welcomes all tea party groups to join the federation from arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us live. good evening governor. what do you make of this federation of tea parties. it is not a tea party it's a red of people. >> it is good because it is going to give focus. i think sort of a different way for the tea parties to make sure their message is being heard and coordinated. the positive thing is that it takes all of this energy and puts it in a funnel so it is going to be targeted like sort of a nozzle would on a whose that's a good thing. the -- on a hose. that's a good thing. the danger is if somebody tries to capture a day party for a personality. the biggest threat to the power of the tea party it could become tied to a personality rather than the
10:33 pm
principles around which the tea party has seen its life. that's primarily it's concern about debt which you were talking to liz about. concern about fiscal responsibility. and a sense of reining in the spending. in the tea party would force candidates to come to them rather than field candidates and become a third party they've got a real impact on this election. they will have an impact if they field candidates unfortunately it would be the opposite of what they want which means they will enshrine the democrats into power with more spending and borrowing. >> greta: i should ask, is there a leader? if the tea party movement is going to have any staying power i think it does need a leader. you can't rule by committee. look at what happened to the soviet union. you need someone to sort of run it and to be a leader and inspire it. maybe you disagree that. >> i do.
10:34 pm
the national rifle association one of the most effective groups in the country. they really are not identified with a particular political figure. they have their own president, but he's not running for anything. they are very clear. doesn't matter if you are democrat or republican. if you are with them on the second amendment they are with you. if you begins the second amendment they are against you. it is pure the way it ought to be. most of the pro-life groups tend to be very pure. it is not about what are your political affiliations but do you believe life begins at conception? if you do they are with you. if you are against that they are against you. if the tea party can remain with doctoral purity and -- cause people to come to them to make sure that they are going to be accountable and responsibility they will have a dramatic impact on the elections more so if they try to rally around a single
10:35 pm
person who if that person inches up disability pog them or losing an election -- ends up disappointing them or losing an election that hurts the tea party movement. >> greta: three groups one is independents, another group are people who are never involved in politics before but suddenly are getting motivated. the other ones are the ones that are furious at the republican party for letting them down. i don't think they are drawing down from the democratic party, do you? >> one of the things the early anger of the tea parties directed at where the republican party was justified. at some point the tea party people have to recognize there's a fundamental different between the philosophies of the democrat and republican party. once they understand that, they will realize they may not love everything the republican party does but it is closer to what they want than the democratic party. i that i is evident by the health care bill. -- i that i is evidence by the
10:36 pm
health care bill. >> greta: i suspect their thinking is that the democratic party better get -- i mean the republican, that the republicans if they want the vote they've got to come over to the tea party view points and philosophys and more purity of thought on certain issues. i don't see them going over to the republicans. >> you say you don't see the tea party going to the republican or the democrats? >> i see the tea party people as being more indignant saying to the if you want our vote you better come our way. not like they are going to fall in line come november. >> i totally agree. that's why it is important they don't rally around specific personalities. but they do operate more with the model of the nra even with the former christian coalition. often people thought that the christian coalition in the 80s and early 90s was primarily a republican front it was not. i was just that republicans tended to agree them more on issues of traditional marriage and pro-life. but they had their issues.
10:37 pm
you either came to them or you didn't if you did, then the voter guides helped. if you didn't the voter guides they would distribute hurt. the tea party could do something along that line of a voter guide. coming up with questions they would ask candidates. candidates would answer. will you support a balanced budget amendment? will you support reduced spending? list things that are important to them. >> greta: aren't those things the republican party supposedly have stood for, for years. is there any issue you see the republican party and the tea party movement disagree on, except for the fact i think the tea party thinks the republican party let them down. >> the republican party did let them down. the republican party support of tarp, spending extraordinary amounts of money and increasing a lot of federal programs and making the government bigger and taking power from the states in total violation of the 10th amendment and trapling over the 10th amendment and putting more power into centralized
10:38 pm
federal government is exactly why the tea party movement originally was so angry at the republicans as were a lot of republicans. >> so the tea party movement almost seems like the real republicans and the republicans need to get onboard with the tea party. >> i couldn't agree more. i think that's the power of the tea party. it will cause the republicans to be more disciplined and give the democrats a clear understanding of what americans are upset about. what the democrats have underestimated this is the one thing i think may be a default move for the republican. democrats have shown contempt for the people in the tea party movement calling them astroturf and a bunch of white rays raysists polls show the demographics of the tea party movement reflect america in terms of gender, age and race and that's powerful. >> greta: of course with the approval rating that congress has i think it is safe to say they aren't listening.
10:39 pm
>> pedophiles are more popular than members of congress right now >> greta: i don't know if i would go that far. don't forget to watch huckabee saturday and sunday night at 8 p.m. right here on fox news chance them. >> next, our government would never use the stimulus to create jobs in china, right? well steve moore is next. >> plus tiger returns to golf. did you see what was caught on tape. one word buddhism. stay right here. [ male announcer ] you lose enough moisture
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>> greta: there's much more ahead. but first to our new york newsroom. marianne rafferty. >> reporter: the air quality is improving sign the west virginia coal mine where four miners remain missing. you are looking at live pictures from a news conference in west virginia where they are still waiting for the noxious gas levels to be safe for rescuers to enter the mine again. that could happen tonight. crews made it within 2500 feet of an airtight chamber where they hope the miners might have sought refuge. a blast monday killed 25 miners. >> a decision expected from nasa tomorrow on whether they will keep diskpoefr in space an extra day. the extra time would allow for crews to check additional damages caused by monday's liftoff. the big dish antenna was break off at the start of the mission and prevented discovery from taking pictures of the underside.
10:44 pm
now back to on the record. >> greta: it is no secret the united states immediates to create jobs but this is not comforting. china signed preliminary agreements with the state of california and general electric to help build new high speed train lines. the project involves federal stimulus money. why aren't u.s. companies doing this? steve moore joins us live live. why in the world are we using monies to hire chinese to get chinese technology and equipment? >> i guess i was wrong when i said the stimulus bill wasn't creating jobs it is just not in the u.s.. this the first major project where money has gone to china. we talked about the wind turbines built in china too. >> greta: why can't we did it? japan, germany, south korea, spain, france, italy. people we aren't in debt to
10:45 pm
can put their foot on our throats. >> i'm not opposed to free trade. if the country could make something cheaper we should make it there. here's the problem, the purpose of this is federal stimulus money was to create jobs in the united states. if the money is going overseas to china, germany or any of these countries, it is not creating jobs in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania where they are needed. >> greta: a little deeper in terms of -- if we have to go overseas [ talking over each other ] >> greta: france has high speed trains. we knee china right now is manipulating currency to create havoc here. why would we give them more power, more money, mo of our debt to put their foot on our throat? why not place it with another country we don't have the problem with? >> this decision was made by the state of california not the government. governor schwarzenegger and
10:46 pm
his administration. >> greta: california was award 2.25 billion dollars in stimulus to work on this project don't tell me we couldn't put string attached not to out course it to china! >> that may well have been but china is building huge numbers of miles of high speed trains all over. >> greta: lots of people -- >> we have to borrow money from the chinese so we can pay our debts. when we have the stimulus bill we use the money that we borrowed from china to send the money back to china so they can manufacture the things that should be manufactured here in the united states. >> greta: insult to injury this really got unmy skin. the chinese are not just offering to build it, china is also offering to help finance its construction. more debt.
10:47 pm
>> finance it twice with the debt, that's right. >> greta: that's insane. >> they are talking about bringing chinese engineers to the country, chinese techs to run it. we have plenty of engineers in the united states. >> greta: not only jobs aren't going here to america but the stimulus money used to build this high speed train that will out course jobs to china. strategically we need place our money or debt, we need china to help to impose sanctions on iran. we've no political muscle with china because they own us. >> 800 billion to a trillion -- >> greta: no one is thinking this through. >> from the point of view of creating jobs, i talked to the cab driver coming over, people are outraged. they are saying wait a minute are these dollars supposed to be youed to create jobs here in the united states, that's not happening. >> greta: california plans to spend 43 billion dollars.
10:48 pm
>> i think this is a big waste of money. >> greta: i like high speed rail. >> in the united states it has never worked well. >> greta: we haven't done it. >> billions for amtrak. >> greta: we've never replaced the tracks so we can't use the high speed. >> that was super expensive, 43 billion dollars. [ talking over each other ] >> if i are going to spend to stimulate jobs let's stimulus here not in china. >> greta: never dull on this one, thank you. here's your chance to be heard on this topic. we just posted this poll on do you think one dime of stimulus money should go to a chinese corporation? better go vote, yes or no? this is your chance to be heard on this. thanks. >> next the best of the rest. tiger's womanizing comes back
10:49 pm
to haunt him and it is caught on tape. >> if you thought susan boyle on the british "american idol" was amazing, wait until you see this. 0 0!0 0xxxpñúc÷?
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> greta: here the best of the rest. tiger woods making his big return at the masters. not everything went smoothly.
10:53 pm
as you may know tiger is a buddhist. he says when he was cheating on his wife he restrained from his buddhist roots. today at augusta national a plane flew over the course pulling a banner that read, tiger did you mean bootyism? he stayed focused shooting a four under par only two strokes behind the leader. we reported last night about a disturbance on a united airlines flight from washington to denver. . a diplomat from qatar tried to sneak a smoke in the restroom. he was asked about the smokey smell and joked about lighting his shoes on fire. he has been leased. whoopi goldberg noticed a double standard. >> he's day mat and he has diplomatic immunity. if i had sneaked a cigarette on an airplane which i have wanted to do so many times, because i get nervous, i want
10:54 pm
to smoke on the plane. do you think they would have given me a pass? >> no. >> you would have seen your dreads as the fbi led you out >> greta: susan boyle you have met your match. the crowd laughed when he said he was going to sing whitney houston they are not laughing now. ♪ ♪ so i'll go, but i know i'll think of you every step of the way ♪ ♪ and i will always love you ♪
10:55 pm
i will always love you ♪ and i, i will always love you ♪ oh i, i will always love you ♪ >> greta: he sounds more like whitney houston than whitney houston does. there you have it the best of the rest. vice president biden learning chinese? stay right here. boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from -
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discover how to grow the business of you... at >> greta: well, 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. and politics between china and the united states are complicated. >> next week the president of china will be at the white house. good news, he has no plans to foreclose. yeah. yeah. we've got an extension on our adjustable rate mortgage. giving you an idea how important this advise jit, i understand joe biden is learning chinese curse words. yae. so he can be ready. >> we'll have to see how vice president biden picks up chinese that. is the last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you follow us on twitter. slash gretawire. vote in the poll about china and the stimulus money. until then